Rega RP1 / Is this a waste of time?

I came across a set of used and cut off high end connectors made of rhodium (2) and was thinking of replacing my stock connectors going out to the phono-amp on my Rega RP1.

I doubt it would offer much improvement, but I'm always wanting to tweak my gear. While this seems very easy, I'm not sure if there's a chance I could screw something up?



2007-03-02 8:04 pm
yup , you can burn your fingers ;).Keep the old connectors . They are likely better quality than those high-end rhodium , no kidding. Most of "high- end " connectors is a useless junk getting "in the way " of signal transfer , too bulky compared to wire attached to them. You can solder them when you'll be ready to buy your first "real " table and the rhodium "high end" connectors may help to attract some sucker to buy your RP1.
have fun with vinyl and rgrds, L