Rega R200 wiring HELP

Hello i need some help. I am almost finally done with my diy tt and i went to mount my Rega r200 arm. I loosened the 2 screws holding down the rubber 90 degree bend in the cable on the botom of the arm and went to remove it.
I accentily ripped off all 6 wires off of the 5 pins. I have the red blue white and green wires i assume are for the 2 channels but i also have 2 black wires.

Do both these blacks hook up to chasis ground?

I plan on eventually rewiring the arm completely but for now is it in my better intrest to remove the rubber 90 and solder (silver) the wires directly?

Just so i can doubble check the wire colours if someone can please let me know whitch one is whitch. (eg. green = Right ground)?

If not i will multimeter this.

Ed Owens


2005-07-02 5:53 am
I hope this helps.


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Yes the pic was correct, i did find that when i tightened up the 2 screws that hold the cable in it shorted between blue and white. I ended up turning the rubber so the scrwes dont short them as a temp solution. It is also sporting gold radio shack rca plugs. I plan on rewiring the tonearm, at least partually (between the arm and rca's. any suggestions on what kind of wires and rca plugs to use?
There's a possibility that upgrade tonearm wire set for Rega RB series can be used. Its going to come at a cost for sure. That R200 arm angled plug is a pig to rework for new interconnects. You may have to find some other way to custom fabricate a suitable plug and possibly solder the interconnects to the thin wires directly and permanently.
Maybe some other experts here can offer further suggestions.
If you ask me, I'd dump the R200 for a new or used RB250 or RB300. The achilles heel of the R200 is the irreplaceble belt for the anti-skate.