Rega Planet tap into i2s


2010-11-18 7:21 pm
Rega Planet as Dac -> tap into i2s

Can I use the original rega planet as a dac? It's a nostalgia thing, have many better dac's & options.

I'd like to take a piZERO, and wire it's i2s straight in somewhere. If a MCLK is needed I'll use a hifiberry D+Pro's i2s out.

Or is there a spdif in somewhere?

Really want to do it quick and dirty (no clocks or craziness)

**** -- maybe someone can spot something... could be a fun project, or if it a definite no-go please let me know. Also I can take some pics of the underside (dac chip) no pics anywhere online I've found of that.

INFO -----

Here's some information gathered so far:

PCM1710 dac datasheet
LA9215 datasheet

and a pic of the sony transport... started pointing arrows for possible i2s-->

pi --> the pins I found on the PCM1710:
bclk -> bclin
fclk -> lrcin
data -> data, din
gnd -> gnd

--> but maybe these are right on the sony transport board, or pins on the short ribbon cable going to the dac section.

since it will probably only accept 16/44, i'll just set picoreplayer (or other) to resample everything to 16/44



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