rega p3 platter on a p1?

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Hi all. This is my first post. I'm trying to figure out if my current setup is ok. I have a P1 tt and I've been wanting to upgrade the platter to the glass one that is being sold through different dealers. I believe they came off of older P2's. In searching for a good deal I found a P3 glass platter that the seller told me would work with the P1. When I recieved it I realized that it is about 2mm thicker and thus a bit heavier than the P2 platter. My question is whether or not this is safe for the motor and associated parts. Anyone have a suggestion? I don't want to cause any damage by trying to use a platter that is too heavy for the 'table. I put it on and it seems ok, certainly sounds more consistent in terms of speed stability, and it looks really sweet. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
I don't think the thicker platter is going to hurt anything, but it will change your cartridge's VTA. Some carts. are very sensitive to changes in VTA, and some aren't. You may want to get some spacers to raise the arm up a bit, at least to match the added increase in platter thickness.

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If the arm now has a rubber washer then prob OK to use a thicker.
BUT it is probably carefully and rigidly fastened to the plinth, as in many designs the idea is to rigidly link the arm to the platter so they move in unison, so something like a metal washer would be better probably
VTA is all you need to worry about. The motor on the Regas has been identical on all models for years. They have recentyl changed but are identical between P1 and P3 afaik...

A hard material for the spacer, the Rega ones are stainless but pricey. I use an acrylic one. Make it myself with a hole saw and a blade bit. The rega arm needs a 23 mm hole to fit through.

Machined spacers are better then "punched" ones that are seldom straight.
Did you receive a 10mm or 12mm thick platter?
How thick is the felt mat?
On the older Planar models Rega furnished them with 10mm thick glass platters and 4mm thick felt mats. Later on they substituted a thicker 12mm thick glass platter but used a 2mm thick mat instead of the thicker 4mm mat. The resulting thickness of both combinations are virtually identical, 14mm.
The motor was designed to drive a 12mm glass platter. It weighs 73 ounces. There shouldn't be any issues with VTA either.
Play your records and enjoy! ;)
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