Rega P3 2016 model bearing question....


2012-09-09 10:10 pm
Hi guys - just got a second hand Rega P3 2016 model - which I know is a little different to the older P3s.

Just noticed there is no ball bearing in the bottom of the bearing well when I was putting oil in......

Is there supposed to be ball bearing on this model?!?

Also any recommendations of oil to use - got some 3 in 1.....

Thanks guys!
You ideally need a high-pressure lubricant for single-point bearings with a large load, thin oil is not upto the job as the rotating parts do not pull more lubricant into the centre pressure point, whereas a high pressure lubricant (ie for gear boxes) will resist being squeezed out. I guess the heavier the platter the more crucial this is.

For a rotating sleeve bearing a light oil is the right thing as the motion keeps the oil circulating, and phosphor-bronze sleeves actually absorb thin oils like a sponge due to their low viscosity, keeping the bearing from drying out quickly.