Rega Apollo Transport


2009-07-09 12:53 am
Hey Anyone,

I read here that the Apollo uses the Sanyo SF P101N transport and laser. So I bought the Sanyo laser and transport. The only problem is that Rega uses three spring loaded BB's to hold the disk in place. The standard Sanyo doesn't have that system. Does anyone know if they can be swapped, without destroying the original drive?
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I believe the sf-f101n comes in 2 flavors if memory serves. Look at the photos on amazon & ebay & maybe just buy another or try prying them off & exchanging them. Here's one with the BB's but make sure your unit uses the 16 pin versus the 15 pin hookup. SF-P101N 16 PIN + Mechanism Original Laser Lens SFP101N 16 PIN for New Sanyo | eBay

This one has the BB's but make sure which harness yours uses - 16 pin versus 15 pin.