reel to reel tape tranfered to CD

I have recently obtained a Sony TC-388-4 Reel to Reel. I have prerecorded tape the original owner would like transferred to CD. I have a phono to USB preamp and an external DVD recorder that runs on a windows machine. My laptop is a Kubuntu machine with a windows emulator (Wine). I'm fairly certain I can make all this work, but no luck so far. I'm open to any suggestions including spending a little money to buy software, equipment etc. I'm all ears!


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Well in Windows...

I would just feed the line out of the Sony into the laptop line input and record the audio using Audacity. From there you can make a .wav file or high bitrate MP3 and burn that directly to CD-R using Windows media player. That's one way. You must be able to do similar under Linux.


2016-01-03 5:13 am
I used these guys to transfer

I know this is "diyaudio" so maybe you're not looking for this.
But I had transferred reel to reel through these guys. (I have no association with them just used them once) They adjusted the play heads individually for the tape, and sent the tracks right back. Was very helpful over the phone also talking about the project. Nice guy.

Good luck to you, Gary

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2007-03-22 3:43 pm
If you decide work in Windows, a good alternative for free Audacity (in Windows, Audacity does not support 24-bit recording unless you have the ASIO support enabled) is Acoustica DAE Basic.

Dunno what's the problem there but normally you need to just connect the source outputs into target inputs to get signal go further. On Windows/Linux/Mac you just need to enable the I/O's of the audio device and in recording software use them.