Recycling Quad 405 PSU Cap cases

Hi DiYer's

The main power supply caps in a Quad 405
circa 1976 onwards for 15 or more years were
rather large... beaming ahead to 2008 we find
capacitors of the same rating 63v 10,000uf
about 2/3rd's the original size

This raises difficulty of direct replacment - well
not really? You can carefully with gloves observing
precautions of liquids contained in the old caps
and having discharged any voltage across the cap-
remove all the inner material. Along the way there are
a few seals and then a silver coloured cannister
To do this I used a drill press drilled about 20 holes
in the top then with pliers slowly removed the inner

What is left is a can perfect for mounting the new
capacitors in. Either silicon or other curing material
can be then used for setting the new cap in the
middle. There is probably room now to also fit a
suitably rated power inductor aiding current regulation
over the original design Take care though not to have any
connecting wires to touch the inner metal surface.
You can then clamp the old cans down using the
original hardware.

Hope this helps / Chris