Recycling JBL in-walls

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I have some in-wall jbl hti6 speakers and also the same model adapted for in ceiling. Manual can be found here.

I haven't been able to install them in the wall and I have thought about putting them to use in a cabinet of some sort.

Ideally I would like to use two speakers per cabinet. the in-wall has a directional tweeter that is separate from the main... the in-ceiling model has a directional tweeter but it's part of the main speaker.

Can someone help me design a cabinet for these? They have their own drivers already. I don't know if I would have to put them in parallel or what.

they're 8 ohm 6.5inchers. Thanks guys!
I installed them in EV Baronet clones:



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I was hoppin g on maybe dismantling the enclosure and going for a more conventional look. Say a 6.5 inch on the bottom, then a 6.5 inch ceiling/tweeter combo, then on the top the tweeter from the 6.5 inch on the bottom.

But how does yours sound? can you explain the design?
Yes, multi-way DIY.

Your idea of combining multiple woofers and tweeters in a single speaker is not good, unless you have the requisite design chops to pull it off.

The EV Baronet is a diminutive folded horn originally manufactured under license from Klipsch. It can be mounted upside-down at the ceiling or in corners in addition to as shown. I believe plans are available on the Electro-Voice website under "Vintage."

For the JBL in-walls, I blocked off the rear opening to more closely approximate the design condition of a closed stud bay.

I don't do "How's it sound," sorry....
Can someone offer some more insight or suggestions? I would rather use the existing crossovers. Please provide some advice, I want to put these speakers to good use, and I don't want my workspace to have a cheap looking addition in which the frame of the in-wall speaker is used and showing. Thanks!
I can disconnect one of the tweeters, I suppose, if that would help with getting better wound. I could put the woofer form the wall speaker on the botoom, and the woofer/tweeter combo speaker on the top. But then I might want to eliminate the crossover for the bottom becuase I wouldn't need it then. [help=]%[/help]
I'm just guessing here: but the JBL in wall/in ceiling speakers you have will be designed with a near infinate baffle in mind. Wouldn't this make them ideal for an open baffle project? Open baffle has its difficulties though. Also they probably wont have any baffle step compensation as in-wall speakers effectively dont have baffle step. Open baffle definately WILL need compensation in the crossover.

Just a thought...

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so the current crossover needs to be modified? Is that a easy process? I can post pictures of the current circuit and maybe someone can make sense of it.

The open baffle, which I had no clue what it was until I searched it, seems like an attractive design anyways if I can pull it off. It looks easier to build, too, and I don't want to spend more than $100 if I can. I'm no real audiophile, but I do want this to be done correctly if possible.

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