Rectifier diode noise in CCS and biasing

In the last 2 years I have found that all the electrinics sounded much better when the rectifiers were being changed from the 1N4007 type to the eqv FR type. I have not tried to listen to Schottky, though I have used SBL3045PT to supply DC to EL519 2.5A filament with good result.
Now looking at the CCS and biasing circuit in power amps, there are ample 1N400X type being used. Has any one listen to the diff in sound when those were being replaced by the FR type? I am hesitating as the typical FR type has a lower forward voltage drop which is typically 0.45V which is at least 0.1V lower then the regular 1N type. So in the CCS that will require readjustment of the current flow.
Also, how is the latest opinion on the Schottky diode? There were quite a few who felt that the sound may not be as warm as the FR type.

best rgds

The audible difference in rectifiers between a standard 1N400X or 1N540X type and high-speed, soft-recovery diodes is in the considerable reduction in switching noise generated by the diode because of the minimisation of the reverse current 'snap-off' transition. If a diode is used in a continuous forward-biased mode, to produce a defined voltage in a bias supply for example, this source of noise isn't present.
I see, tks! How about in the case that when they are being used as the bias in the power amp, for example at the output of Op amp output to drive a complimentary pair of driver transistor. So that he -ve phase drives the NPN and +ve phase drives PNP. As the signal is not DC, will there be noise problem? Will diode like 1N4148 has lower noise?


William Lee