recording speech on ipods for an audioguide


2008-01-29 11:29 pm
Hi ,
We have a small tourist business and would like to make a few audio guides for our non English speaking customers . The kind of thing you see in museums is what we have in mind but they are seriously expensive and out of our league ( only looking for four units ) So its been suggested that an ipod would be a solution but since Ive never owned or used one I'm hoping someone will be able to help with some advice . The requirement would be :
up to 90 minutes of recording
up to 20 segments of description
one language only
ability to use by keying in a numeric code
very robust build
easy to use/ navigate controls
easy to programme/record descriptions
low cost (preferably available usedon ebay)

Maybe somebody has a better idea than an ipod ? But any advice on the type/make/model which would best fit the bill would be much appreciated .

Thanks in advance