Recording Software Advice

Hello all,
I need to get some recording software, but as I have no idea what to buy, I must ask for advice.

I need software that can run on both Windows and Mac. The more user friendly the better, as I am the most technologically illiterate teen I know. Basic is good, but I'd like something that won't hold me back in later years if I decide to invest a lot of time in mixing and mastering.

That's all, really. I already have access to a lot of good microphones and I'm sure I can find someone who can help me set it up. Any suggestions for good software is much appreciated.


And off topic advice. I'm wondering if anybody knows of the best or simplest way to extract data from a web site and then take that data and say send it to a serial port, I found this website TOP-15 best web scraping tools, web scraping software for data extraction 2019 | MyDataProvider.
Obviously there's a lot of applications for mining real time data from websites and using it to control various things.

An example is to look at the BOM website and look at the various weather stations looking for approaching wind gust and then controlling an external device by either
sending values to an external microcontroller to make the decision and control the hardware or the PC making the decision and sending the immediate command to the device.
The other thought was to reassemble the data and then send it to another third party web page.

It's not just the BOM, that's just one example. There are quite a few pages I'd like to mine real time data from.
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Reaper is cheap, and used by a lot of homestudio's and pro studio's who only record and mix, not use a midi sequencer and so.

And the usual suspects like Cubase, Logic (Mac only) and Pro Tools are still relevant and on top of the game today. But depending on the version, they are not cheap at all.

Audacity is very basic, but does that very well, if it fits you, you can use that. But test it before (it's free.)