Recording monitor enclosure


2004-11-03 2:24 pm
I'm building a recording monitor for a friend and i have a hard time deciding weather should i use a sealed or ported enclosure, has anyone tried it?
I'll be using Scan-Speak 15cm paper cone mid-bass and fountek 5" ribbon tweeter. The amp would be 70W mosfet based amplifier.


2004-10-11 5:21 pm
well I work in a recording studio and this is what we have if that helps your decision:

ATC SCM100A (tweet, 3"dome mid and 12"woofer ported)
Rogers LS 5/8 (tweet and 12"woofer ported)
Meyersound HD1 (tweet and 8" woofer ported)
ATC SCM20A (tweet and 6" woofer sealed)
Genelec 1032A (tweet and 10" woofer ported)

so most of our stuff is ported, as long as the group delay remains pretty low I don't see a problem in porting studio monitors.
I think its hard to build a good vented cabinet - with good I mean proper impulse response in the lower region, say 40-80 hz.
In order to build a good vented cabinet, you need to know the precise T/S data on the unit, and sadley, experience shows us that you cant count on the manufactores data.

Its hard to make anything wrong with a sealed enclosure - so if you dont have the time/expertice/measurement equipement, I think you should go for sealed.
This guy (Troels Gravesen, who certanly knows whats he's dooing) have made two constructions with the SS15 unit - one sealed, and one ported:



Good luck & happy building !

Cheers !
Hans Houmøller