Reconing services

My uncle has the original RockOla jukebox that came from my grandfather's old pharmacy/sundries store back in the late 50' or so. He's in the process of restoring the tube amp and such, but would like to keep the original speaker in it and it needs a recone. It has a Jenson 12" A12PM in it. He said he found somewhere in Florida, but he's afraid the cost of shipping will be more than the service. He thought he might be able to do the recone himself, but his hands aren't' steady as they used to be at 75 years old and he's afraid he won't be able to solder the voicecoil leads back on without puncturing the cone. So I figured I'd ask the experts here where is a good service that won't mess up this piece of his childhood history? He lives near Branson, MO FWIW.