Recommened Drivers?

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Hi all, long time lurker here. My buddy recently built a new box around some 4" goodwill speakers and at this point he has put so much into it that I convinced him to get some proper drivers in there.
The box is 1/2" MDF, 2 chambers sealed. Inner dimensions are D:6", W:6", H:5" (180 cubic inches volume right?). He is running it off of a Lepai 2020A+. Hell be using it inside mostly but would like it to sound good running on his 11.1V CCTV battery outside. Once mounted, the center of the left and right speakers are 7" apart. He gave me $40 and said "get me some full range drivers with some bass" so I figured I would ask someone with more sense than me. Thanks very much for any suggestions.
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Hi Louis,
somehow you ended up in the classD section, while all relevant points of your question would fit to the loudspeaker section.
The described cabinet is very small.
Not sure if there are full range drivers, which can make much bass in such a prison.
...if you stick to this size, an electronic correction like the Linkwitz transform could be helpful.

I guess it would be helpful to move the thread to the full range forum.
With some good luck the geeks might know a suitable driver, which I am not aware of.
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Hi Lumpy, the ever frightening pinkmouse has moved it over to the right area. Choco seems to have it right. That is a very small enclosure with which to deal. I'm not sure the 40 bucks is going to get you anywhere. It may be that the goodwill speakers will sound as good as anything else. Have you looked at the back of the drivers? Maybe see what numbers you can pull off of them and post them for us. Someone may recognize them and be able to assist in what to do at this point.

It may be that you get his drivers for 40 bucks and then sometime later grab something resembling a woofer and add it to the mix.

In the future, before your friend gets going on something like this he should know that the box is designed for the driver not the other way around so it's not like you can just pick something off a shelf and bolt it in.
Thanks Cal. Would he benefit from a smaller driver maybe? He has not sealed the face yet and could just cut another sheet of mdf. Would adding ports also help with the small enclosure? In the future, we will work with drivers first. The existing drivers are some 6ohm pioneer home stereo speakers. I didn't see any other meaningful markings. It sounds passable as is for what he originally intended.
One followup question. Madisound suggested a sealed 2-3 liter box per driver, which is what I have (roughly 2.9L not accounting for the inner block supports and displacement of the driver itself). What characteristics might I expect from a stuffed vs empty box? Or should I just experiment with that once we get the drivers mounted?
I just wanted to check back in to say thanks so much. My friend and I were pretty surprised with the amount of sound these put out. These aren't the most balanced full rangers but they exceeded expectations on the low end which is what he wanted and more than I expected. I learned a fair amount and might build another box soon. Thanks again.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.