recommended topology for 1-2kW line SMPS?


2005-07-02 8:17 pm
65N 25E
As far as i know in this power class full-bridge and half-bridge are most popular ones, but does somebody have good alternatives or even better choices?

Some bizar Cuk-topology? (this is not going to be commercial product so patent problems are not an issue)
I have also seen 2-transistor forward converter(about 3kW) so maybe even that could be alternative? But I think that is rarely recommended for more than 500W? worse core utilization because of one-side flux swing?


2005-06-21 1:00 pm
I saw a welding unit of about 6kW and was a two transistor forward converter topology. The frequency of the pwm was around 40kHz generated by a UC2845 and as a power switches four igbts was used (two in parallel).

The welding unit dosen't have a pfc unit in the front of forward converter. I think that if you don't care about the mains, the presence of a pfc unit is related to the final destination of the converter.

Anyway, a pfc unit could help, improving converter behavior.