Recommended Speaker Amp Designs?

I would like to build a speaker amp to run my two speakers.

I have 2 Pioneer speakers. Here are the details:

Pioneer model CS-G301WA
Frequency Range: 35~20k (Hz)
Impedance: 6 Ohms
Rate Power: 40 W
Max Music Power: 120 W

I'd like to wire them in parallel and build and amp for them. I know how to solder and I have basic electronic knowledge.

I asked some people about diy speaker amps and they gave me very vague answers and told me to look up class-D amps and instrumentation amps. I've also done a lot of googling but that gives me lots of results for headphone amps and iPod amps. Other resources are telling me to build a chipamp like the Gainclone. I'm pretty much lost right now. I decided to do this to learn about audio and electronics, so I'm up for something challenging.

What type of amp should I build? What would be the specifics about things like power supplies and input channels and the like?
What would you recommend?