Recommended preamps for First Watt J2


2017-09-28 6:47 pm
Please forgive me if this has been discussed extensively elsewhere, I did several searches and was unable to find much. I have a J2 amp which I just love. When I bought it I also bought a B1 preamp--I had no other preamp and it was affordable. I have been very happy with the system, but lately I have wondered if a different preamp would sound better. I have been told a Pass preamp would, and am considering a used XP-12. Does anyone have experience with Pass preamps and the J2? Other preamp recommendations?

I know this is a DIY forum and would love to build, have done in the past, but my life won't permit that right now.

Thank you very much for any suggestions.

If you find that you have enough gain with a B1, you are going to be hard pressed to find a more neutral preamp anywhere.

If you can DIY something, you might try an H2 to see if your system and taste run that way.

If you have a friend with a tube pre-amp, you might try that. Depending on the implementation, it may have the H2 or H3 character that makes the system.

If you wanted more gain or balanced outputs, the Pass Labs pre-amps are excellent choices.