recommended drivers ?

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Hello !
I'm kind of new here, altought i've already build a box for a subwoofer with your help. I am looking to build a set of two 2-way loudpseaker, with a relativly low budget. I was looking at PartsExpress and found some drivers that would probably be good. I don't want to end like I did with the subwoofer (driver not great for my use, ect), so i'm asking for some advices.

I'd like each of the two loudspeaker not to be too big, (maybe 12 inch tall, 12 inch deep, and 7-9 widht)(I was considering maybe either a 5'' or 6'' woofer, 7 is too wide for my application) and be able to deliver a constant 70-to-85 dB at 1 meter ( I will power them with a Aurex SC-335MkII amp, delivering 35 watts RMS, (100 max). They will be used in a small room ( about 9 foot by 9foot by 8 tall ) Total budget for drivers is about 125$ Can. I am able to spend more if its worth it, or course.

Driverwise, i've heard a lot of good comments on Peerless drivers and on the Dayton Reference serie (woofers). I guess the tweeter from Dayton are of the same quality than the woofers. I do not want to build the best-ever loudpseaker, but would like a sound more detailed and clear that my cheap speaker that came with a cd-player/radio combo bought from walt-mart 4 years ago :D

If you could either give me some tips on how to chose driver, or point me some already-tested-and-abused driver that would fits my needs, it would be greatly appreciated. If you know of another thread like mine, i'd be happy to look over and learn about others experiences.

Thanks for reading,
Have a good day, Lokalazeros.
You said your cabs could be up to 9" wide, but that a 7" woofer isn't right for your application - but a 9" wide cab would be ideal for a 7" woofer.

That said, consider this design:

The cabinet used is only 8" wide so you're right in the ballpark.

If you want to go with a 6" woofer Jay designed a crossover for me using the Dayton 6" Ref woofer + SEAS 27TBFC/G tweeter that I can send you.
Planet: To be honest, I got this amp second hand and had not much info about it. I've searched the web to get more info with no luck. I only remember of a member of a forum who was saying his SC335-MKII was rated 35w RMS. Could be 50, I don't know :)

sdclc126: You'r right, I think i wasn't clear in my first message. Cab should be 7-9, but the smaller the better. In fact, these will remplace my current speaker which are about 12x12x6'', and I wouldn't bother if the new one are 1-2 wider. I could live with the 3 inch wider (9'' total) using a 7'' driver if its worth it (I don't want to discard any great driver, and would be happy to use a 7'' if it's going to sound better than a 6'' one.)

I've looked at the link that you sent me Sdclc, and It look promising.
the Dayton driver is one of those I had in mind (even if I'll have to raise my budget if I want to get some tweeters:D )

Thanks for replying.
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