Recommendations for which amp project?


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2015-08-24 2:28 pm
Hi all,

Looking to decide on a SS power amp build.
I'm trying to decide between an F5, F6 and AMB beta24.
I am leaning to one of the Pass offerings due to reduced complexity and costs.

I have a Tubelab 300B SET amp am looking to complement that with a SS amp with higher power.
I am building an AMB alpha10 preamp which allows for remote volume control and input/output switching. The idea is that I'll be able to switch between the 300B (which is paired with full range speakers) and the SS amp with a different set of speakers. I have PMC twenty.21 monitors which are not a good match for the 300B and would be the initial pairing for the SS amp.
The room is a standard sized US bedroom, even the 8W can reach sufficient listening levels but is more picky with speaker matching.
Budget is not really a concern.....


2003-12-03 10:49 pm
When I asked a similar question a few weeks back the answer was to build any of the Pass amps in your flavor of choice. They all sound good. The other thing with the Pass builds is you can swap out the amplifier boards and keep the chassis, power supply, and all the other bits the same. At least that was the only answer that made any sense in the context of my question.
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8 Ohm, 87 db/W/m for the 2021

I have F5 & Aleph J at 4 Ohm, 88db /W/m in a 4x4m large room.
Both of them, drive Speakers like that, very well.
Pretty loud but not at concert Levels.
F5 have a Little more drive, better bass and is more clear.
So you will not make a mistake with it.
I use F5 mainly for fast & complex Music (Rock, metal, Techno, classic & pop)
For single or few Instruments Harp, guitar Cello (YoYo Ma, Wendy Steward, Piere bensusan, pat methany) or Voices, I would Always prefer the J.
Your Speakers are 8 Ohm so it could be a very good match too.
If you listen to such Music.