Recommendations for assembled chip amp + dac + preamp to build integrated amp from.


2016-05-25 9:53 am

I want to build a integrated amplifier, with DAC and a Raspberry Pi, using assembled boards from ebay and aliexpress.

Can you give me some recommendations for high quality boards found at ebay and AliExpress?

Im looking for something that can deliver 70W @ 8Ohm and the DAC should be able to handle dsd.

My plan is to connect the Pi with the DAC using USB. Is that a good thing or should I use I2S?
You can't get 70W into 8ohms from the common chipamps.
Unless you take the supply rails up very close to the absolute maximum supply rail voltage.

50W to 60W into 8ohms is the more usual limit if you make an allowance for mains voltage and load variations on your PSU output voltage.

Ebay and Aliexpress are riddled with fakes. I doubt anyone can guarantee good quality from either, since it depends so much on the current offerings and where they sourced them.

Jennifer G

2015-08-31 2:31 pm
I really like my lm3886 chipamp from $78 for the kit. But you want assembled. The kit was pretty easy to put together though. Do you know how to solder? There aren't too many components.

As far as preamp, how about going with a greyhill switch and alps 10k pot -- but I've seen 100k pots inside these amps.. WHich is better for internal pot for LM3886 guys? 10k or 100k? I have a 10K ALPS for external pre for my lm3886. (I have the 4 position greyhill though -- this one is 3.. but it's only $10 good deal.. I paid $20)

DAC.. I don't know how good the new Fiio's are but they are enclosed -- self contained.. can mount them inside flush with the back panel (after you make an opening). THey are like $22.

I'm using the older Fiio (2011) which looks like the same casing except the newer one has gold plated rca's. I like the sound of it.. sounded better than the other sub $100 dac's I bought and returned at the time. I want to try some other DAC's in the near future to see if I can get even better sound.
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