Recommend Vifa P22WP-01 8" woofer Replacements


2004-05-28 1:50 am
Hi All,

I am seeking replacement woofers for my Mackie HR824 studio monitors. The originals are Vifa P22WP-01 8" woofers and are no longer available to buy so I would like your advice on any woofers that may have the same or very similar specs.

I am not familiar with the below technical specs and their meaning so the below information will probably make sense to a lot of you.

Below are the speaker specs of the woofers:

TS: Fs 29.5Hz,
QMS 2.20,
QES 0.31,
QTS 0.27,
Vas 77 l,
Re 5.8 ohms,
Sd 235 cm2,
Rm 2.5,
Bl 10.2,
Md 29.5 g,
Xmax 6 mm

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as these are my most prized posessions and I would like to continue using them for many many more years :)
This seems to be a closed box design around 40 litres, actively driven by built in amps and active crossover.

I'm getting the feeling the Vifa P22WP-01 is an 8 ohm polycone around 220mm diameter.

Do either of these polycones look promising?

Scanspeak/Vifa P21WO-20-08
Vifa P21WO-20-08

Seas U22REX/P-SL
The Madisound Speaker Store

Do they fit? THE SEAS looks more likely with 6 holes on PCD 209.5...

Let's hope woofers are woofers. All the same... :D
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2004-05-28 1:50 am
Thanks for the reply System7

The vifa woofers look similar apart from the number of mounting holes but the Seas woofer looks completely different and dare I say would make the monitors look rather 'cheesy' but I am not sure if those specs are suitable so will do a bit more research as matching the woofer specs will be the most important aspect of this woofer replacement.

I will email the guys at vifa and see if they can advise me on a replacement woofer as a lot of Mackie owners are have having no luck sourcing replacement woofers which is a total shame as the HR824 MK1 are damn fine studio monitors.

I know a lot of DIY'ers used to use these woofers in their own builds according to other forums but tracking down some random dude in another continent with 3 or 4 of these spare woofers in his storage room would be a miracle but it seems that may be the only way to get these :(


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2007-05-16 5:51 pm
Northeast Ohio
Hello jazzbee, I have a pair of the Vifa-Mackie 8 in woofers in storage, new and unused, which I don't foresee ever using. I am sure they are 4 ohm though. If you are interested I can dig them out and run the T/S parameters to verify their present quality. The only problem would be the high shipping cost from USA to UK... Dave