recommend me my first diy project?

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hello all, finally going to try a diy project! I choose to build speakers instead of buy them from a store... no fun in that. hehe

The main use for them would be for dvds/movies so a 5.1 setup. As for music I don't listen to music much, but when I do I listen to rap mostly. Probably 90% is used for 'home theatre' and the other 10% music. Currently i have a pair of 12" Fisher STV-420M and an H/K 230.

Ive never listened to rap(or any other type of music) on a 2.1 set up(bookshelves/sub). Anyone with experience with this? How is the bass with 2.1(bookshelves/sub) compared to a standard sterio set up(towers/woofers)?

I don't know an exact budget right now, but I consider it to be a low budget, if you can make your recommendations for lower budget system.


I looked at this design by Wayne J. Dayton 3 (
I was thinking about using these for fronts/rears but then I thought using them for rears might be overkill.

I really wanted towers for the front so i got this link for Dayton 8's
I was told I could reduce the cab volume to 3.4cf from 4.4cf, which i would use to cut down in the depth.


Hopefully I can take a look at some of your recommendations for a set up or at least fronts/rears. Thanks for viewing/replying to the thread!
My experience with the Dayton Classic drivers:
The Dave Tenney D8MTM is OK but I found the recessed midrange unbearable. I finally crossed it at 500 hz and the vocals came out fairly well. I used the Hi-Vi B1S mid/tweets to accomplish this, also the box is a Dual-Chambered Reflex.

I didn't try the 6 1/2" but I did build a 5 1/4" . I put the 5 1/4" in a Transmission Line box with a Seas H1212 tweeter. If your looking for towers and the Dayton Classics take a good look at DBrowns site.
He has two versions of the db616tl. One with the 6 1/2" Dayton Classics and his upgrade with the Dayton Reference Series drivers - the db717tl;
My test box 5 1/4" TL;

My line came out to 112" in a bookshelf box.

The D3's are also a good choice for a 5.1 - The one being a subwoofer. A lot of DIY'ers like the Dayton Quattro line.

The bottom line with the Dayton Classics are that they have an excellent bottom end. My 5 1/4's really surprise me everytime I play them. The mids are a little lacking in detail but all around are quite musical. A good bang for the buck speakers.
As you can see they'res quite a bit of different box styles you can put these in. I like towers and I like Line-Arrays the best.
Hope all this info helps in some way, Rudy

Others comment on these speakers;

Posted By: Ken Taillon <>
Date: Monday, 22 November 2004, at 12:26 p.m.

The MTM using a pair of Dayton 6.5" woofers and a Vifa d27 tweeter. The boxes took a while to get everything just right. This was the first set to incorporate the grills into the front baffle.
They have a very flat FR, maybe the grills are helping. Now I wished that I used better drivers. The bass and highs are great but the mid's are lacking.
The blue grill cloth is a compromise with the wife. I also made oak stands to match

Posted By: Jason <>
Date: Monday, 22 November 2004, at 12:49 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Since everyone else is posting pics....DIII PI (Ken Taillon)

They are the buyout ports - I wish I had bought a case of them. Exceptional port.

The tweeters are the Dayton 1-1/8" "silkies". There hasn't been much buzz about them lately... they must be old news now.

I suspect these will have the recessed mids yours have. That's one of the known shortcomings of these woofers. They pack a big punch on the low end, but the midrange detail just isn't quite there. I plan on using them as surround speakers, so they'll be fine.

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