Recommend Crossover values for 4 ohm tweeters

I am interested in building the Troels Gravesen SBA 761 kit speaker.
I already have both the MW16 woofers and the tweeters but the tweeters I have are the 4 ohm version and the kit uses the 8 ohm version.
Any suggestions for changing the crossover values to suit my 4 ohm tweeters?
Perhaps some extra attenuation will be needed too?
The tweeter is the TW29RN-8 as shown below.

Troels sates in the write-up that he will not do a design for the 4 ohm tweeter and please don't ask!.So he predicted people doing exactly what I am trying to achieve.
I have the drivers in my Meniscus Kairos speakers which I have already built.They are very good but I do wonder how much better they might sound with higher efficiency and a simpler crossover.And the addition of a dedicated woofer.
That would take a redesign of the woofer crossover as well. What would you gain?

Well you would gain some efficiency.Which might give you a more dynamic sound.Especially if you are using lowish powered amplifiers.Which I am.
The MW16 mid/woofer is known to work well with a first order crossover. And it and the tweeter are both quite efficient.The Kairos is not very efficient.
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