Recommend a speaker for a 3.5m x 4m office

Hi Guys,

Is there something I can work with for my office room? I plan to use a Darling or a SEP 807 so it should be fairly efficient, and I won't need creeping bass. A good mid bass will be appreciated.

Plan to use an 8" HEMP.

Your recommendations will be much appreciated.

If I seem lazy and I missed previous conversations, I apologize, and please do point me out to the links.

recommended speaks for office....

yes the Hemps might be quite good, although perhaps they may over load your room. Consider the 6.5 Hemps (FR). They will fit into smaller enclosures and smaller rooms, as well as the Fostex 166/167 types.

Really consider the Fonkens as provided by planet10 hifi. Excellent even in large "ish" rooms, very nice in smaller ones. One of my favourites. But get the planet10 modded and EnABLed FE126/FE127 drivers

If used is something to consider, I've always liked the B&W DM1600 loudspeaker, but impossible to find over here, perhaps over there too..(assuming your not in the US as a metric measurement was given).

How are these going to be used? If they're going to be on a desk, either side of a monitor, you might want to do something smaller for nearfield use(fe127 designs if crt, fe126 if lcd). If they're for listening, opposite of a couch, then something larger might do. If both, do both, most receivers/amps have speaker switches to accomodate 2+ sets of speakers. Planet10 HiFi has a number of plans available for easy DIY speakers.

arnoldc said:
I don't like the character of the Fostex, reason I'm looking after the HEMP.

I had some issues with the fostex too... but i've pretty much fixed them.

I have a Fonken for the Hemp 4.5 in the queue, but the 6+ month wait continues to get a replacement set for the bad ones i got... i have just gotten a loan from my customer that has a set matched to the set i do have so i can proceed now. I'd still like to get my replacement set of drivers... it stings to have paid for 6 and only have 4.

I'd suggest....

4.5 Hemps. should ask planet10 about these (I haven't seen or heard any of the smaller stuff from Hemp yet--I may have to go to the Montreal show though....)

If you read my "signature, I do (or am trying to ) provide customer service to purchasers of the Hemp acoustics products on behalf of Perry. I just want to not focus mainly on Hemp Acoustics when I am answering generalized questions. As far as the hobby part of this is for me, I think it's the only way to maintain integrity. So of course I'd like it if you chose the Hemps, but there may be other drivers out there that may suit your intended purpose better. As far as I know, they are not shielded so this may affect placement.

udailey said:
Dave, did you get your replacements yet? Did you buy them from Solen? I am going to buy some fr4.5c from e-speakers and dont want to have the same problem.. any experience with e-speakers?

No i haven't gotten the replacements yet (8 months?), I bought them from Solen but sent them back to Perry at his request. If i'd sent them back to Solen i'd likely have replacements.

Scottmoose said:
Sigh. It's things like this that have damaged HA's / PP's reputation. Doesn't matter if it's intent or just sheer incompetance, they really don't do themselves any favours sometimes. I take it you've badgered them about the lack of replacements Dave?

Seems to me the list of things like this is REAL long, too. Impossible to recommend them to anybody given the difficulties, and that's a shame 'cause they seem pretty durned nice.