Recommend a simple AM/FM for the kitchen

I got two Boston Acoustics "Receptor" radios from customers that didn't want to pay for having them repaired. ("If you can fix it, you can have it")

Both had some simple fixes, and so I serviced them, kept one, gave the other to my next door neighbor.
They sound great, lots of bass, have a digital alarm clock too.
Preset tuning as well, with great sensitivity.

They're small, tiny, but sound much bigger.


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Picoreplayer on a RPi, obviously, with Logitech Media Server also installed, connected to network, can be WiFi (and, therefore, internet), and use some cheap computer monitors for sound output. No knobs, no reception problems, can be used as an alarm or streaming player, and all controlled by phones and tablets, including volume. Can also play stored music on the network.