Recommend a good UK speaker cabinet maker


2013-06-11 3:39 pm
Can anyone suggest a decent cabinet maker here in the UK for a pair of bookshelf speakers?

Maybe a member here has the skills and kit.

The build will be either a small full range Jordan Eikona or a two way using Scanspeak and Morel drivers.

I would like the front baffle made from Corian or Silestone type material if anyone can also recommend a company that will CNC small jobs.


2015-03-03 6:10 pm
Corian is cut using normal tct router bits, and sanded with wet and dry paper, finishing with "barkeepers friend". (it's also fairly easily repaired). Silestone is a quartz/resin material which in reality can only be machined by a proper stonemason's shop, needs diamond cutting and polishing. I've no idea as to the suitability of either as a baffle. I imagine corian would be good, silestone could have difficult resonances, but I've never seen it