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Receiver for sale

That is one hell of a receiver!! isn't that the 250W/ch beast?!... With all the fancy controls and filters that existed at the time?! That thing would be so much fun to have! it would be even worth it for the heatsinks(good enough for a class A project) and all those beautiful knobs, meters...etc.

If money matters to you, you should put it on ebay...these are very rare and have been going up in value... I'd buy it but shipping cost for that beast would be killer, especially with four speakers! Also, my collection of 70's receivers and integrated amps is getting out of hand.
Yes, it's a monster. We used it alot and used to rock the block nearly every weekend with the volume up! Haven't used it for a few years and not to brag but the SX still looks good almost like new.

Not sure what the cost would be to ship to Iowa, I got a rough estimate of around $140-$160 to ship UPS ground, depending on the weight, dimension and number of boxes to be shipped.

Have considered e-bay but wanted to post ad on this site first.

Have a great day.