Recapping Paradigm Monitor 7 v1

I a/b tested my monitor 7s against my other speakers and found the tweeters sound dull compared to everything else. I can't help but notice it now and although I'm not in a place to upgrade, I've read that replacing the capacitors can be a quick fix. I think they're 20-25 years old, but couldn't find an exact date. I looked at the crossover and saw each speaker had two capacitors, 6.8uf 100v and 22mf 100vdc.(could be 22mfd, but it was hard to see)

I could easily find replacements for the 6.8uf, but I'm confused by the 22mf. Is this the same as a 22uf 100v capacitor?
You would be fine using those caps for each of them. Bi-polar/non-polar caps are usable in place of polarized caps. Fitting them on the board might be a little challenging since the ones you linked have the wire coming out each end rather than both in one end, but it should be doable.
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I managed to replace all the capacitors in the towers and center channel. Oh my... Everything sounds sparkly, crisp, and full now. I can't believe it took me so long to figure this out. I found a manufacture date of 1997 inside one of the cabinets, even older than I thought.

The terminal cracked a bunch so I had to use some scrap washers and a hot glue gun to get it tight and sealed again.

Here are some pics as virtual payment for the help. Thanks!

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