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Rear Projection Screen Goo for sale

I have one 1000mL jar of Rear Projection Screen Goo for sale. I purchased it last summer when I was planning to build a rear projection set up. Unfortunately I decided it was too troublesome to move an existing telepost to make room for the rear projection set up.

The goo is sealed in the plastic jar, still in the shipping box from goosystems.

The going rate in Canada is $230.00 CAD from www.quebecacoustic.com.

The going rate in the USA is $170.00 USD from www.svideo.com.

I will never use it, nor do I know anyone who will so it is up for sale. I think $130.00 Canadian is fair, plus shipping of your choice.

If you live in/near Calgary you're welcome to pick it up in person. I can also deliver in the south (at my discretion) or deliver to Okotoks on a weekday, during the day, in the off chance there is a DIYer there!

More info is available from www.goosystems.com.
Any questions or offers?

I don't accept PayPal.

Cheques, cash, email money transfers from Canadian Banks, and Money Orders are all good.