rear channel radiation pattern

ref: Home Theater

Given conditions stipulated by WAF/SAF rear channel speakers are usually mounted high on the "rear" wall and often in a corner near the ceiling. Those of you who can get away with more "acoustically correct" placements are fortunate.

Besides rear channel is often a small 5" 2 way or 3.5" full range. Again some of you are exceptions to this.

Lastly rear channel is usually just 2 channels not 3 or 4 as dictated by 6.1 or 7.1 requirements.

given these restrictions (rear wall, high near a corner of the roof, and only 2 channels) what should the radiation pattern of teh rear channels be?

I am thinking of making a rear channel using 2 or 4 2" full range drivers (300-15k) and a 1 or 2 5" mid bass drivers. The rear channel would have a centrally mounted 5" (or 2 if I can get enough box volume) partnered by 1 or 2 2" full range drivers on each side (sort of like the drivers used by Bose's Acoustimass systems) at a 30-45 deg. angle to the front baffle.

Should I use a dipole thought it the would not fire forwards but sideways behind the listener?

any one have any good ideas for, or pics of, rear channels that have the same limitations as mine.