Real simple question

I don't know the answer to your question... but I would like to add my Polk RT25i mains have two mini ports on the front, and one big one on the back. Wierd. Sound good tho'

Vuamp2 said:

Most floor stand ported speaker has port on the back, some has port on the front and a few has port at the bottom of speaker.... Why? Does it matter where the port is as far as sound quality is concern?
Some ports are on the front, so that they can be placed close to a wall, and are in phase with the drivers. However, port noise can become a problem sometimes. On the back or bottom, you're less likely to hear any port noise, and you may get smoother airflow from the port to the driver. However, these often require you to (if port's on the back) move the speaker further from your rear wall, or (if its on the bottom), elevate your speaker a good deal off of the floor without blocking the port (tough to do, especially if its a bookshelf/mini monitor).
Some bookshelf speakers have ports on the front so you can place then close the the wall althou i would not put them to close most speakers suffer from some boominess when close to the wall this can be helpful at times.

Example Mission 700 two small ports on front.
Tannoy M2 one port on back

The M2 sounds best away from the wall approx 2' I use acoustic foam on the wall behind mine, this helps remove some of the boominess