Reading Rockford Fosgate Gains


2007-09-26 1:29 pm
Hey guys...I just had a real quick question. I'm trying to get the gain settings right on the Rockford P300-1 and I was trying to match up some stat inputs on Perry's site under the gains section and it tells yo to list your gain setting volts. I don't know what this would be cause as far as I can tell, the settings by the gain are not volt numbers or are they? Not sure if they are or are just markers for you to remember your settings by. It would be hard to imagine them having 9 and 11 as voltages, that's kind of high voltage numbers :xeye: I included a attachment of a picture on the numbers by the gain. Anyone know how to read it? Are those numbers voltages? It doesn't even say in the manual...Thanks...


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