Re: Tri-Amp Distortion

Re: Tri-Amp Distortion

Hi everyone

I recently set up a tri-amp system with Behringer Super-X Pro CX3400 crossover. My current gears are as follows:

CD/DVD Player: Toshiba SD-900E
Active Crossover: Behringer CX3400
Power Amps: Alesis RA300 x 3
Speakers: A 3way OB disign with 2 x Eminence Alpha-15A for low, 1 x Fostex FE206En for mid and 1 x Pyle Pro PDBT58 for high frequency.

I do not use pre-amp and I control the sound level using the gain control of CX3400 and the volume control of Alesis RA300.

This is the first time I run a tri-amp system and facing a serious problem of distortion. The sound is distorted, harsh and foggy.

Is the problem caused by matching problem between the crossover and the power amps? I guess so because I did not have such problem in the past with a single amp connection, but I am not sure therefore would anyone out there can give me some advices to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.