RCF Artesuono MA1.0 (MA10) Frequency Response wanted


2010-03-30 4:06 pm
HI, the guy to speak to about Artesuono speakers is Victor Goldstein. He distributed the speakers for a few years in the mid to late 90s.
I heard the Artesuono MA1 speakers with the matching subs at the 96 Stereophile show.
The speakers looked like the Wilson Watt Puppy speakers.
Those Artesuono speakers were really good.
They had a very airy sound and the bass was good.
I remember that mid base on those speakers was custom made. Victor had the midbase at the show and i picked it up and it was heavy. That was an awesome midbase.
I have a pic of the speakers in one of the Stereo magazines that reviewed the 96 Stereophile show.
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