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For Sale RCF 15" Vintage Hi-Fi Custom Drivers

Things you have for sale.
A matched pair of 38cm RCF drivers custom made with similar properties as TAD TL-1602.
Suitable for two-way or three-way projects or replacement of old JBL / PIONEER TAD speakers, for example.
They were lastly used in an open baffle two-way horn system. Before that, they were a vital part of award-winning speakers from the Bulgarian Hi-Fi Expo. :)

Some specs:
  • Magnet type: AlNiCo
  • Cone material: Paper
  • SPL: 96 dB / W
  • Fs: 23Hz
  • Qts: 0.23
  • BL: 20.5 Tm
  • Mms: 117g
  • Vas: 240L
Price: €750


Will be shipped securely.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact me here or by email: veselin.karavelov@gmail.com


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