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RCA made in Japan???????

I have run across 9-pin miniature tubes that have a stop-sign logo on them, but they may not be RCA. Was there a Japanese company that used the stop-sign? This particular example is a 12AX7A with Curtis Mathis and Japan on the tube. It has the stop-sign, but it doesn’t look exactly like an RCA logo. Did RCA manufacture in Japan, or use a Japanese supplier? Mark


2002-02-01 3:40 am
Most of the japanese manufacturers I've come across use the stop sign, or the long octagon thing.. like a rectangle with chamfered corners.

Don't think it has anything to do with RCA...

Although, I'm sure RCA sourced some japanese tubes in the end years, and some Japanese manufacturers probably had old RCA tooling.


2006-09-30 5:45 am
Probably not an RCA. The 2 has the look of being copied by someone in a country with a different alphabet.

I also found a Realistic 12AX7A with very similar if not identical mechanical characteristics inside the tube (very different from an RCA). This one says USA on it, but it is only yellow paint, not an "elongated octagon" logo. One might contend that Radio Shack sold their tubes in the USA. I worked there in the early 70s. Anything for a buck.

I agree. The manufacturer probably had nothing to do with RCA, except someone trying to imitate their logo. Thanks, Mark