RCA lineout to Balanced input - Arylic Up2Stream Pro to IcePower 200AS2

Hi all,

I've been reading a lot of posts in there but couldn't figure out my issue - Project is combining Arylic Up2Stream Pro (https://www.arylic.com/products/up2stream-pro-receiver-board) with an IcePower 200AS2 amplifier (https://icepoweraudio.com/buy/as-series/200as2/)

I thought it was going to be a simple matter of connecting wires together but I've discovered the world of balances input (XLR and everything) with the Icepower inputs.

I've seen some schematics online about XLR -> RCA but I keep getting a static when trying with the cables.

Has someone already used these two components together ? What am I doing wrong with the input.

these are the cable coming out from IcePower input.


Thanks for the insights.
Connect the RCA tip to one of the wires in the amplifier input cable and the RCA barrel to the other wire.

Refer to the bottom diagram in my attachment:

The shield can be grounded at either the RCA end as shown, or at the amplifier input end - but not both in order to avoid a hum loop.
All you have shown me are two cables. I'd need to see clear images of the output connections on your audio source and of the actual input connections on your amp to work out which wire should go where.

In particular, I am unfamiliar with your Up2Stream source and its connections.

Are you saying that no music is being amplified at all?

By "static" do you mean a hum or a buzz?
The 3.5mm socket outputs two distinct right and left signals which should be connected to two separate inputs on the amplifier.

Your amplifier has a 6 pin input connector (P102 at centre left of image below) catering for 2 x (+, -, ground) inputs.


The problem is I cannot see any markings on the input pins. However, they may follow the sequence shown on the right of the diagram below - you should be able to at least tell the ground (black inverted triangle) connections by inspection.


You can cut the RCA plugs off your connector cable in order to wire it directly into the amp.

Strip back the cut ends to reveal the red and white signal wires which are usually connected to the ring (R) and tip (T) of the 3.5mm plug respectively.

You will have two screen wires, unlike the one wire shown in the above diagram.

Connect white wire (T) to top + amp input and red wire (R) to bottom (+). Now connect sleeve (S) via the two screen wires, one to the top (-) and the other to the bottom (-). Finally, connect both the (-) inputs to ground (the inverted black triangle) with short wire links.

I think that should do it - if the stereo image is the wrong way round then reverse the T and R connections.

It all depends on the layout of the amp input socket, which you should be able to determine by inspection.

Please report back so I can find out if I've got the basic procedure right!
Thanks russc, that may help in regard to interpreting the physical layout of the 6 pin input connector (P102) of the amp.

Numbered from left to right as presented on the image in post #11, can we assume that pins 2 and 5 are GND?

What do you think?

Perhaps maiike will get there through experimentation or looking at where those twin core screened cables were attached!