RCA input Headphone Amp, Any Exist?


2010-08-14 11:16 pm
Hi I'm looking to build a headphone amp to use with the line out from a passive pre amp connected to a set of valve mono blocks so need RCA inputs and a traditional 1/4 headphone socket. I don't need a DAC or USB or anything too complicated just a good sounding headphone amp.

Headphone to be used Beyerdynamic DT 770 80ohm

I have built a few electronic kits so am reasonably skilled but obviously the simpler the better in this case as money is tight on this project so what would you guys suggest I build?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice etc.
Just for reference, if someone should pull this thread up in a search, the usual suspects for selling O2 headamps are:

Epihany Acoustics in the UK (their EHP-O2 is just an O2)

EHP-O2 Award Winning Portable Headphone Amplifier | Epiphany Acoustics

Head n' HiFi in Switzerland

Objective2 (O2) Headphone Amplifier

JDS labs here in the US


Mayflower here in the US


...and Audio Poutine in Canada, but I'm not sure if he is still active


Most or all of these guys offer bare boards, kits, cases, ODACs, as well as assembled units. Many have a version with RCA jacks in the back.

With the exception of JDS I'm actually not sure how active *any* of these guys are now, best to check first. All of these folks were there from the first days back in 2011 selling O2s.
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