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Rawacoustics HT1 speakers for sale, Cantus Ribbon tweeter, creative wr125

Unfortunately, I have part with these speakers (as well as a bunch of other stuff). I have some unexpected bills to pay, so toys go first.

You can read my review on these speakers here:
I think they are a really fine set of speakers.

Actual pics.

My fit and finish quality could be better, but I think they still sound great and look very nice. Bart did a great job veneering but my driver cut outs were less than perfect. They are built very solid, (3/4" mdf all around), they weigh in at around 20 lbs each speaker. (a lot for such a small speaker) Please note the bottoms of the speakers do not have veneer. (not that you see it anyhow.)

Basically I am selling for close to just the price of the parts alone.
I am asking $425 Canadian,($350 U.S), plus actual shipping. ($25 in Canada, please email for USA) In Canada, payment via EMT/certapay or canada post money order. For U.S, payment via international money order. (pink ones)

Al at Raw sells these for $900 ($699 U.S) in finished state. While my workmanship won't measure up to his, I did still put in a lot of time and some cash above and beyond what was included in the kit.

I have plenty of references on ebay and heatware under dvdvideo.