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Raw drivers FS - B&W, Mirage, PSB, Proac, Boston

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I have a bunch of raw drivers for sale. They were part of audio shop replacement inventory and shop went out of business. I purchased to use some for projects, but there were too many for even my use. All drivers are NEW old stock, meaning that they are older drivers (80's, 90's) but they have never been used. You can see from mounting screw holes on all that they have never been used. I have checked them all out with ohm-meter and with music/amplifier and all are working normally (new condition). Most are mid-bass or woofers, there are a few tweeters, but mostly woofers. All sizes (4" to 10") and a few are shielded. They may be direct replacement for existing speaker system (may be worth purchasing matching as insurance) or they can be used for DIY projects.

(3) B&W mid-bass drivers
(15) Boston Acoustics
(12) PSB
(5) Mirage
(1) Proac
(2) Spica (Polydax)
(2) Phillips

Please email for details, dimensions, part #'s. I also have pictures for some.


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