Rate this Pro 18" Woofer

Please help as to how would one rate to this Woofer Specs.

After so long designing phase i made this 18" Woofer, for which parameters are given below, basically intended for pro use as Horn loading,

Fs - 24.8Hz
VAS - 400
Qms - 7.8
Qes - 0.262
Qts - 0.254

My previous design had a very high Q.

Also let me know what would be the best tuning with a Ported enclosure (with WINISD), as i don't know much about box design for the drivers.



2004-10-18 10:44 pm
With that driver you will need a 140liter bassreflex cabinet tuned to 36hz to get some low bass. The -3db point will be at 40hz then (30hz -10db). So you will get low bass, but no 25hz rumble!
The driver will be more efficient in a 100 liter cabinet but then it won't go very low (47hz -3db)
most pro audio applicatons aren't designed to reach down to 20 Hz, they usually cut off at 40 Hz. They are designed for the most output from 40 to around 100 Hz. the low E string on a bass guitar is at 44 Hz. for home audio and especially home theatre, you'd want output to 20 or 30 Hz if you can get it. but if you already have that driver in your posession, I'd still make a box for it - it should work well.