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Rane 1/3 Octave EQ, Hi-Fi Grade


2010-02-08 2:55 pm
Up for sale is a nice Rane MQ302S Stereo Graphic Equalzer. The unit has both balanced (XLR) and (1/4") stereo inputs/outputs. One of the few 1 rack space stereo 30 band EQ's on the market today. Due to it's high dynamic range of 115 dB, this unit makes an excellent EQ for stereophile or hi-fi applications. It is extremely quiet when in the signal path and adds virtually no noise.

$150 plus $13.00 FedEx Ground in continental US

• 30 Bands of Constant-Q Filters on Ganged Stereo Sliders
• Extremely Low Noise: 115 dB Dynamic Range
• Signal (+4 dBu) and Overload Indicators
• ±12 dB Level Control for Optimum Gain Structure
• Low Noise Toroid Transformer
• Balanced XLR & ¼" Connectors
• Internal AC Power Supply Meets European CE Requirements​
• 20 mm Filter Sliders Control Both Left & Right Channels
• Now with Signal (+4 dBu) and Overload Indicators
• New ±12 dB Level Control for Optimum Gain Structure​


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