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For Sale Radu Tarka 01A Shiny Eyes preamp PCBs, mouser parts and 4x Cunningham CX-301A tubes

Things you have for sale.
Parts for Radu Tarka 'Shiny Eyes' 01A preamp build (based on Ale Moglia Bartola Valves 01A)

Includes written instructions for build and...

1x main board
1x PSU board
2x Plate Gyrator Boards
2x Ale Moglia (Bartola Valve) pre-populated gyrator board (which may be used in substitute for the above)
1x B+ board
4xCunningham CX-301A tubes (purchased from Andy)
All PCB mounted parts, including transistors (incl. LND150 Mosfets which have long lead times) are supplied. All sourced from Mouser, but excluding caps (4x caps needed I think).

Things you will need to source to complete the build:

A chassis (or two if you want split/isolate power and output sections)
2 Coleman regulators V9
Hook up wire
Mains transformer
Some capacitors (as mentioned above)
Volume pot
... + probably some other sundries - but most of what you need is included.

Asking £300, free shipping in the UK, please ask for other destinations. Will be shipped double boxed.


  • Example of completed build.jpg
    Example of completed build.jpg
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  • PSU PCB.jpg
    PSU PCB.jpg
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  • A very large amount of components from Mouser.jpg
    A very large amount of components from Mouser.jpg
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  • 1x B+.jpg
    1x B+.jpg
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  • 2x Plate gyrator follower PCB.jpg
    2x Plate gyrator follower PCB.jpg
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  • 01A main PCB.jpg
    01A main PCB.jpg
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  • 4x Cunningham 301A.jpg
    4x Cunningham 301A.jpg
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  • Gyrator boards x2.jpg
    Gyrator boards x2.jpg
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