Radio Shack Optimus 7 Loudspeakers

Any fans of this old early 70's RS classic? I have 4 and they are great. I'd like to hear from other owners but I've done a search and I see nothing on the site. Back in the day audiophile friends of mine drove these with Phase Linear 700B's and they were (still are!) awesome. I love mine, and I have listened to many speakers over the years.
Any other owners out there?
RS Optimus 7s are great!

I have had a pair of these speakers since they first came out. I play them hard just about everyday and have since in the 70's I have a top of the line Onkyo receiver that puts out quite a bit of power. Even cranking it way up they have been flawless for all those years. I like listening to theater pipe organ music (Mighty Wurlitzer) and these speakers do the best job of making the recordings sound real. I think they might be just a little short in the high Hz end.
early 1970's? an oz of gold buys a lot more speaker today

mine the tweeters bottom/clatter aganist motor assembly at much over 80 dB SPL at listening position in a small room

likey have 1st order "crossover" - means tweeter bottoming driven by frequency content way below XO frequency

but they can be listened to
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I think the Optimus 7 is a vented latterday version of the Realistic Mininus 7, but otherwise the same. I've played with the usual mods, but the bsc challenge remains, when the original speaker is of low sensitivity. A mid-fi classic for sure. Not a fan of the tiny vented box.
I need tweeters for Optimus model 7s, does anyone know where I can get them?
How about a recommendation for an upgrade with something available?


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