Radical new voltage feedback op-amps

Just a quick heads up on new semiconductor development -- this time from TI.

A new process allows construction of native n-type as well as p-type devices on the same CMOS substrate. Previously, one has depended on "contortionism" to solve this problem. This means several things, both in terms of better analog chips and also for mixed mode devices.

In Q3 2002, TI will have completed their THS4271/4275 devices which are voltage feedback single op-amps. Specifications include high speed (1.4GHz, 970uV/s), low input voltage noise (2,8nV), fast settling (6.2nS to .1%), 90mA drive, low distortion (-90dBc at 30MHz which is low enough not to worry about but not radical)

AND most importantly support for 15V rails unlike some other fast/high performers from Analog Devices.

Looks nice. Now I am really wondering what they are going to do with this process and DAC chips ...

I took another look at the specs which say, and found a note stating it was max 16.5V rail to rail so Morsel is right as usual :) I had originally looked at the 16.5V value defined as VS + checked the drawings which indicated +VS and -VS. My fault, and sad really that this was not an audio rail capability op-amp.

Check out the specs for yourself at http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/productfolder.jhtml?genericPartNumber=THS4271

Wait a minute!

I took another look at the specs. Except for the voltage rating which means I would try at +-9V, perhaps even slightly higher, I think it might still be a winner for selected applications. Compared to the OPA627 audio amp which is supposed to be pretty good this amp has:

Settling time: 88 times better (need to evaluate measurement method as data sheet not complete)

Bandwidth: 26 times better (estimated)

Slew rate: 20 times better (pretty sure this is correctly compared)

Input voltage noise: twice as good

Sounds tempting -- did I hear anyone utter the word active filter?