R.I.P John van der Sluis

Only just now after I took a a further in-depth look at the Hawk amplifier series and building a number of his designs, i realized how brilliant and innovative his designs are.

The A15 (high bias FET without feedback) opened up the image and unveiled my speaker system.

The lack of power lurked me back to the drawing board and I was lucky to be able to speak and work with John how to best increase power.

His last design was the A19 and I've adopted that design to optimize the power requirement for my system beefing the supply voltage to 50V and increasing the drive current and the number of output devices. Also switched from the Hitachi FET's to the Exicon fets.

Thanks John!
R.I.P John.

I built his MP-DAC Mk3 from kit form in 2001 and the output amplifier board has been in service to this day! (At some point around 2006 I encorporated the output board into a custom DIY build with a Pedja Rogic 1541A DAC board, Squeezebox Receiver and I2S reclocker.)

I was very sorry to hear of John's death. He was a true gent, quickly sorting out a problem with a missing part in my kit in 2001. We had a nice discussion at the time.