R-core transformers in Europe

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I know the ones from Selectronic and I like them; their magnetic stray field was surprisingly similar to a toroid (in terms of strength).

Has any Member assessed Selectronic's quality assurance for the product and it's manufacturing process?

Why do you think they manufacture themselves? Selectronic is an electronics distributor.
I am quite confident that Selectronic source their R-core transformers from China, and that they are of the generic type just as the guys at VTC.com are selling. Custom configurations can be ordered from them, too.

I have been in contact with KITAMURA in Japan. They do not export to the Western world.
There is at least one manufacturer in the US which can do custom singles. I do not have their name here, but I got a price quotation for a transformer (R-core) for a tube line stage some time back. Think they were approx. USD100 each.
I got my transformers today, so i can confirm that Shilchar is the producer, so they are made in india - not china.
Cannot say about the quality though - since it will be a while before i can use these.
the first thing I advise checking is that the primary wire colours are correct.
Use a light bulb tester to power up.

Second recommended check is the primary voltage vs primary current and plot to see the onset of saturation. You will need a Variac that delivers upto the maximum of 253Vac/254Vac for the harmonised European voltage.
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Sorry Andrew perhaps the wrong wording.
Here is a reply from Salas when I raised the point about higher secondary voltages from Selectronic Rcores in the FSP thread.

*In general those Selectronic overshoot their secondary spec by 15%. i.e. get the 15+15V model for FSP. It will give 17+17V in the European continent, even more in England
Generally very quiet in use but I would check the secondary voltages as they tend to run a bit higher than spec.

I won't put any time into checking the core for saturation or so - but i will certainly check the secondary voltage..

And i will use this for the paradise phono stage, where my 24v have been a bit low - so if the voltage is a little bit higher, it is only better for me. Sounds good that they are quiet! :)
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