Quick XLR Socket Install Question


I have a quick question. I am building one of the ghent audio hypex case kits and I am currently trying to wire the xlr socket. I have 3 connections, 1, 2, and 3F. Based on the picture they post, 2 is the live connection (for the blue cable). Now I have a white cable (negative, I assume) and the ground from the wire itself.

My question is, do I connect the ground to 1 and negative to 3F?

Please see the attached picture for clarification.

Many thanks.


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On most XLR style connectors there is a fourth tab that is the chassis connection. Some folks jump that to pin 1. The careful use a capacitor for that.

The one you have does not have a chassis connection. So depending on your circuit it may have a chassis connection.

Another approach with trully balanced circuits is to only connect the shield at the send end.

I suspect you have differential inputs which are a bit different. They will work with a shield and just one other pin connected, but they work better with both other pins connected.

If confused consider the original balanced audio technique with transformers for send and receive.