Quick Power Supply Question

I have (2) PowerOne F24-12-A International Series power supplies.
1 of which is being used as my BenchPS and the other has a toasted TO-3 HBR along with the associated trace. Repair is not impossible as I also have the schematics.

Is it possible to connect the OP in series to obtain a +/-24V ultra smooth reg PS? Or would another (puffsst) occur?

I have a 38VCT/10A transformer rated @10A and the associated 30Kuf caps to replace the BenchPS, so no worries there.

I await the replies of diy PS guru's.
Being smoother than What I currently have.

From what I was taught a few years back (i could be a bit rusty on this tho'), filtering a DC supply seems to make sense. Intill the Law of Diminishing Returns comes to haunt ya'.

Personally I feel that PowerOne designed these World PS's rock solid in the 'Way Back Machine' (i.e. 1991ish? dated schema's) and they are still working with no servicing. The burnt one is my fault, otherwise it would still be running just as the other.

Currently using: (2X10Kuf 63V Nichi)(no regulation).
And These puppies use (3x13Kuf 50V Vish/Spra)(regulation using the SGS 130-10287/98732 and a TIP-29A chip) in each supply.

I absolutely NEED (REQUIRE) a rock solid/stable/known supply.
Hope this works.


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Ok. One more question.

This is just a thought as I am no EE.

With 2 diodes in parallel what is dramaticly changed? (other than board realestate.) rV/rI/Pd?
And if there is a dramatic change (> +/- 10%) at what point could the law of DR take place??

[and yes I am 'nuke-ing it a bit here. As I have sort-of misplaced that there 'I-Believe' button of mine.]

I really appreciate all the help from everyone.